About Us

We believe a well-planned kitchen can truly change the way you live.

And that striking design starts with function.

It’s our mission to create spaces that support every moment of your existence. From the hook that catches your bathroom towel to the luminous glass shelves built to showcase your grandmother’s china.

We partner with busy people to design spaces that are deeply functional—and just really nice to live in.

Meet Christine, Principal Designer, Founder

Christine Spillar Interior Designer

Education | AAS in Interior Design, Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer (CMKBD), Certified Living in Place Professional (CLIPP), B.S. in Journalism

Specialty | Space planning visionary, champion of creative storage solutions, sees through walls to get the most out of your space

Philosophy | The best design starts with function—when it feels right, style simply presents itself.

Community | NextUP Committee Leader for the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). Recipient of a twenty-five thousand dollar grant to design and manage the kitchen renovation of, Mountain Resource Center, a local nonprofit.

Awards & Accreditations
(aka you’re in good hands)

2022 NKBA National Kitchen & Bath Design + Industry Awards | First Place Small Traditional Bath

2021 NKBA Peak Awards | First Place in Small Bathroom, Second Place in Large bathroom, Second Place in Large Kitchen, Second Place in Small Kitchen

2021 KBBN Magazine Kitchen & Bath National Design Contest | Second Place in Master Bathrooms Under 50K

September 2020 Issue of Kitchen & Bath Design News Magazine | Featured in the Article, “Laundry Rooms Take on New Roles”

2019 NKBA Peak Awards | First Place in Large Kitchen, Best Before & After Kitchen, Second Place Other Cabinetry, People’s Choice Kitchen

2019 CARE Award | Best Kitchen $75,000-100,000

2018 NKBA Peak Award | First Place in Small Kitchen

2018 CARE Award | Best Kitchen Under $50,000

2017 NKBA Peak Awards | Third Place in Small Kitchen, Honorable Mention Large Bathroom

2017 CARE Award | Best Basic Kitchen

October 2016 Issue of 5280 Home Magazine | Featured in the Article, “Inside a Full Time
Foodie’s Kitchen Reno”

2014 NKBA Peak Award | Second Place Large Kitchen

2013 NKBA Peak Award | First Place Large Kitchen

Christine’s Frequently Un-asked Questions
(or FAQ if you only knew)

Here are the top five things I’ve never been asked—but want every homeowner to come in knowing.

1. Will you tell me if I’m choosing things that don’t work together or will look dated in a year?

Yes! My job is to help focus you on the key decisions while keeping an eye on the big picture.
I will always, always make sure to throw out a red flag if anything you’re falling in love with won’t play well with our other selections.

I take being the steward of your style very seriously. After all, you’re not hiring me to copy a Pinterest kitchen—I’m here to leave you with a kitchen better than the one you have pinned.

2. What if my aesthetic vision ends up being unsafe or not up to code?

Not on my watch. That’s why you hire a professional! We’ve put in our ten thousand hours to learn not only what “up to code means” but also why those codes exist in the first place.

If you want a gas range—we’ll make sure you have the proper ventilation. If you have a certain flow in mind—we’ll review every construction code so we know what’s possible (and safe) before we start to plan.

3. What if I don’t love your design?

We get it—we’ve also been where you are. There’s always a moment of uncertainty when you start a new relationship with a creative professional. Will your new hairdresser accidentally fry your hair? Will your caterer’s palette veer sweet when you prefer savory?

Our upfront design process revolves around two things: listening and communication. We’ll center your style, show how we’re interpreting it, and build that trust—so we never end up in the bad place!

4. What if my partner and I can’t agree?

It happens. One loves clean, bright, and modern, the other aspires to stalk the halls of a moody Victorian mansion—no need to start drawing up divorce papers—we’ve been here before.

Your differences are likely a part of what brought you together, so we’ll find a way to common ground. Every household is different, but we’re well-versed in figuring out where each point of view is coming from—and exactly where they intersect.

5. What if I just can’t make decisions?

Much like a cliche supervillain—we have ways of making you talk. We’ll chat it out and find the cause of what’s clouding your style intuition. If you’re blinded by too many choices—we’ll narrow things down.

If you’re worried you’ll wake up tomorrow and hate everything—we’ll find the enduring favorites you already own and break down what makes love last. And if you just don’t have the energy to dig in right now—we’ll give you something to react to.

We know these are big choices and we’re 100% ready to make sure you go into them with complete confidence.

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