Bathroom Design

Bathroom design is so much more than selecting a lovely tile.

It’s making mornings feel effortless, creating a real place for self-care, and crafting your own personal oasis within the chaos.

We’ve worked with all kinds of clients and will excel as a key part of your reno team—or as a gateway into our extensive world of renovation resources.

Phase One | Defining the Vision

Our design concept always starts with a conversation about your life in relation to your space. As soon as we enter the room, we’re already thinking about storage solutions, floor plan options, and how your space can support you in every possible way.

Phase Two | Nailing the Essentials

Then it’s time for selections. We know the right showrooms and vendors with everything you need from—soaking tubs to heated towel racks. And we’ll be there to make sure we’ve culled down the expanse of options into the best of the best to make choosing easier.

Phase Three | Making it Happen

Once every selection is signed off, we’ll be ready to handle the rest. Our expertise extends to every part of the process. Does your project require procurement and fulfillment? We’ve got you. Do you want an advocate on-site for construction and installation? Can do. Have no idea what you need or what we’re even talking about? We honestly, completely get you.

Do you want a bathroom that’s customized to the exact expression of your best day? We should talk.

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